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Payroll Services

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Payroll Services

Payroll is an important part of any company, and at Andrew P. Quinn & Associates Ltd, we provide experienced and reliable advice on all aspects of payroll, which we offer to small or large companies.

Your staff must be paid on time, every time; in Ireland, this is typically weekly or monthly. Regular changes to payroll legislation can impose a drain on your resources so it may make sense to utilise and engage our outsourced payroll service. In addition, let us support your HR Function by providing our vast experience of dealing with large and small organisations and by ensuring your business has all the current and correct documentation and policies in place to run an effective HR function in your business.

Consultancy: We can provide payroll management reports and payroll consultancy upon request.

Our Payroll service is designed to suit specific requirements. Continuous changes in payroll procedures requires ongoing updating and training which may not be practical in regular businesses’.

The setup is relatively straightforward and we will conduct a thorough planning process to ensure a smooth transition for you and your staff.

We also offer payroll health checks within your organisation. There is more to payroll than paying your employees on time. Your organisation may benefit from having a payroll health check carried out by our team to ensure your records are in line with current legislation and practice, in addition to enhancing confidence in your payroll personnel that the work they carry out is correct.

Services we offer

  • Employee Payslips,
  • Payroll Summaries and departmental reports,
  • Payments to employees and Revenue,
  • Submitting information online to the Revenue Commissioners and arranging Revenue Returns,
  • Reviewing all HR Policies and Company Handbooks